Daily Happy - P90 Uh Oh

I have been hearing about p90x for what feels like years now, and I've always been impressed with the results I've seen. I've read about it, gone to the website, tried to convince Keith to illegally download it from the internet, but haven't quite been ready to spend the cash on it. Because, of course, if I drop the coin on this bad boy, I actually have to do it.

And I'm scared!

But, I finally decided that since I'm going to be working from home most days now, I don't have any excuse. And so, I ordered it. And, my package arrived today. It's intimidating. I'm intimidated. Yikes!

Too bad I had some beers before I knew the package had arrived. Can't exercise all dehydrated! And of course, tomorrow I have Pilates. Maybe I'll start it Sunday. I'm great at procrastinating. I'll let you know when I decide to finally "Push Play" as they like to say. I do really, really, really want a six-pack ;)


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