Daily Happy - Random Act of Kindness

Today, on my way to Microsoft, I stopped at a Starbucks downtown. As I was about to walk in the door, a couple stopped me and asked if I had a dollar or two so they could get something to eat. They looked to be in their mid-forties and the guy had a cane. They sort of smelled, and they clearly were carrying the extent of their belongings on their backs. I said what I always say (because it's always true), "Sorry, I don't have any cash on me" and started to go on my way. Then something stopped me. I decided to help these people out, so I asked if they wanted something from Starbucks. I hooked it up with coffee and some pastries.

I normally don't do this (mainly because there are so many homeless people / bums in the city that one could go entirely flat broke helping them), but like I said, something made me stop and reconsider. Hopefully this random act of kindness helped make a difference in their day; but I know that it made me feel like I did something good, so it was worth the $11, ya know?

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