Daily Happy - Life is Good!

SO sorry for the lack of posting, dears. Things have been crazy to say the least! In the past four weeks, I've launched some crazy programs at work, got a new job offer, accepted it, celebrated Keith's 29th birthday, said goodbye to some great people at my last job, and spent a week in Michigan training (as well as visiting friends and family). Oh, ya know, nothing much. :) But life is great and I couldn't be happier!

One thing I haven't been slacking on is cooking, though! I have a slew of great recipes that I just need to post up, and a renewed sense of purpose! I am going to try and do "themes" for one week intervals that will hopefully help me target your interests and keep focused. The theme for this week is Vegetarian - seven days of meatless deliciousness, focusing on meals where you won't even notice the meat is missing! Some other ideas are: Eggs, Italian, Gluten-Free, Grilling, No-Cook, and Make Ahead.

Welcome to Vegetarian Week and if you have any suggestions for future themes, feel free to shoot them over!

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