Just Keep Swimming

Aloha! (I'm practicing for my inaugural visit to the Aloha state, commencing in 16 days)

Just a quick update on my life's work at the moment.

Weight Loss Statistics:
Weight Loss Last Week:  -1.5lbs.
Weight Loss to Date:  -10 lbs. 
Left to Goal:  -3lbs. (wedding day weight)
Left to Stretch Goal:  -7lbs.
Left to My High School Weight: -18lbs. (hahahha, this is just in there for perspective - sad, self-loathingesque perspective)

Not too bad, considering I cheat on my diet at every opportunity, and I only do cardio once a week. Ugh, I'm bad! I need to get into a habit of incorporating cardio into my daily routine, but it's sooo hard. I HATE cardio. I would do Pilates every single day - and I wish I could afford to - but cardio, blah. It's free and it stinks.

However, that is my goal for this week. Cardio. Every. Day. I mean it. I think I can devote 20 minutes a day to my potentially smokin' hot bod health, right? I mean, a girl's gotta have priorities. Anyone have any tips? Please?

Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.


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  1. Very recently they have changed some guidelines for minimum cardio workout times. When I started cardio, it was 20 minutes. In November,the experts are saying that 20 minutes isnt gonna do it and it should be 40 minutes minimum. :0 Good luck and I'll say a little prayer!


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