I Have a Happy

I'm going to start doing this every day to help me appreciate the little things!  Feel free to share yours in the comments :)

Daily Happy - Pink Sky at Sunset Yesterday

Sooo purrrrrrty
 Bonus Happies!

  • Putting on a pair of pants that haven't fit for over six months and finding them the perfect size
  • Purple stilettos
  • Sequined shirts
  • 60 degree weather...in January...in Seattle!
  • Being able to give my seat to an elderly woman on the bus (especially since no one else would)
  • Hawaii in 5 days!
What's making you happy today?


  1. Today my "happy" is just to know YOU ... the fact that you gave up your seat for an elderly woman makes me smile and want to send you a hug. Have a fabulous time in Hawaii ... you deserve it and have some great karma coming your way for being such a sweetheart! :D

  2. So proud of you babe!


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