The Wisdom Teeth Diet!

I had my widsom teeth out on Thursday. What a sucker trip! First, I was all excited because I was going to have IV sedation, which is supposed to make the experience incredibly easy and relaxed. However, I have no veins, apparently, and after being stuck with the needle approximately 10 times, it was determined that I could not receive that form of sedation.
My poor wrist!

My hand
So, after all that (and even attempting to look at my FEET for veins), they decided to go with oral sedation. I'm still not sure exactly what they gave me, but it was this powdery stuff they had to put under my tongue that tasted absolutely foul. During all this, they also gave me nitrous. For some reason, I was being very difficult to sedate, so after sucking back nitrous for 40 minutes on high and still asking the doctor if I was going to be charged for the IV sedation (SOR-RY for being fiscally responsible, that stuff was NOT cheap), they gave me another dose of the oral sedative. And then ANOTHER. Once they got started, I was definitely NOT in lala land and knew exactly what was going on - I even felt the first tooth come out (it didn't hurt at that point, but felt like a LOT of pressure) and asked the doctor if she just took out my tooth.  She looked at me incredulously and said, "Uh, yes, it's out."  I replied with, "Woohoo, go Doctor Jones!" and she then proceeded to give me MORE sedative.

Once everything was over with, I went home and there was minimal swelling, which was great. My system is really sensitive, though, and unfortunately I got really sick from all the drugs. Basically I couldn't eat anything until yesterday (so, three days without any food or liquids being kept down). It was NOT fun. Yesterday was the first day I was able to eat and drink and not get sick, so that was exciting! I also weighed myself finally and I've lost 6 pounds since Wednesday. That puts my total at 10 pounds since I started dieting.  Now I definitely don't recommend this method, but at least there's a bright side to be completely, totally, horribly miserable for 3 entire days. My jaw still hurts like heck but I can take a half a Percocet every 4 - 5 hours which keeps the pain to a minimum. I'm sure if I took a whole one it would make it much more comfortable but I'm petrified of getting sick again so I can deal with the aches.

For now, just hoping I can get to work tomorrow and eat normal food by Christmas. I would NOT want to go through that whole experience again, that's for sure!

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