Dangerous Holiday Drinks

I saw this post on the Delish blog and had to share. I've always been a fan of Starbucks, from my 14-year-old Mocha Chip Frappucino fetish, to my age 18 White Chocolate Mocha stint, the quarter century Iced 2-pump Skinny Vanilla Latte or Soy Chai Latte (if it's cold out) reign, and now my current daily Nonfat Latte habit. However, most people don't realize the calories they're consuming, especially at this time of year. 470 calories for a grande Egg Nog Latte? That's practically a MEAL, people! Personally, I'd rather get my calories by indulging in Christmas cookies and ham than a souped up, sugary coffee. That doesn't mean you can't hit up Starbucks for a warming wintry treat, just be smart about it. Their website even has a list you can refer to for delicious drinks under 200 calories. I also read they are testing out a Skinny Peppermint Mocha in certain markets. I haven't seen it on the menu in my local 'bucks, and I'm in Seattle (coffee mecca, hello?) but if you see it, let me know how it is :)

Stay safe this holiday season and try to avoid gaining the typical one to six pounds the average American gains at this time of year (even scarier, I read that most Americans NEVER LOSE THAT WEIGHT...ever).

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