Shopping for Deals & Dollars

Slight sidebar from cooking & food, one of my other interests is SHOPPING! Clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, pretty much anything! I also love a deal. Some of the things I love about shopping online are that you don't have to shift through racks and racks of crap, deal with other people (haha), or wait in line. It's also SOO easy to look for deals and make sure you are never paying more than you need to. I enjoy nice things and I don't mind spending money for quality, but I try to avoid frivolity. There's an arsenal of sites I use to shop, but I wanted to point out a few that you might not know about:

RueLaLa:  This site is "private" (as in members only) and a bargain hunter's dream.  They have 4 - 6 boutiques every day that range from clothes, shoes, fine jewelry, travel, sports memorabilia, restaurants, cookware, home goods, pretty much everything.  Some deals I've gotten have included 50% off an upgraded room for a mini-vacation at the W in Fort Lauderdale, a $400 Betsey Johnson dress (which was for sale on Betsey Johnson's website for $350) for $150, and a $100 blanket for $29. To become a member you just need to sign up and provide your email address.

Daily Candy:  Daily Candy is a great site / email program. They have different editions for most major cities and also some others like deals, baby, and everywhere.  They call the daily emails "Candies" and they have everything from neat tidbits about what to do that weekend around your city, great websites to check out, and even contests. I've learned about a LOT of great websites through Daily Candy.

RetailMeNot: One thing I learned from my husband is that you should never buy something online without a coupon code :)  RetailMeNot is a site that compiles reliable coupon codes to save you anywhere from free shipping to straight up money off your bill. It's practically putting dollars back in your pocket. So next time you are about to hit Buy Now on a site, make sure you check for a coupon code.

Justfabulous.com:  I was iffy about this site at first.  Basically, you sign up by providing your email address and then take a really short quiz. Then, their stylists hand pick 6 shoe styles and 6 bags and put them into your personal boutique. Each item is $39.95 and there's free shipping (both ways, in case you want to return an item).  I've gotten two pairs of shoes from them now and I have to say, it's a pretty good deal. The quality isn't top notch but for trendy shoes that you know will probably be out of style next season, it's perfect! The only thing to note is that you do have to provide a credit card. Each month, you have to log into your boutique and actively choose to skip that month if you don't want to buy anything. If you don't, you'll be charged the $39.95. The up side to this is that you can use it on a future month when you do see something you like. I haven't had a problem with this, but it could be tough for someone who isn't on the internet all day like me :)

Of course, with great plastic comes great responsibility! As much I love to shop & travel, I am in the process of paying down debt, so it's important to manage my finances accordingly.  There are two sites I consider invaluable resources to help make sure I'm making the right financial decisions when I'm splurging on a great new pair of shoes:

CreditKarma:  This site is a great resource! You can check your credit score for free, as much as you want. Great for those who are trying to improve their credit score, but also a useful tool to see how certain actions affect your score (i.e. closing a credit card, paying off a debt, etc).

What sites do you use?  Any good ones I missed?


  1. Shopping: One Kings Lane is another "members only" site that sells all home goods :) I love it and have purchased a few special things for our new home.

    Money: Mint.com is a good money management/budgeting site. You can link all of your credit cards, bank accounts, loans to one place and track everything in one place. I love it!

  2. Oh yes, I use Mint.com too! :)

    I haven't heard of One Kings Lane but I will check it out! Thanks!

  3. And, I bought something from One Kings Lane. :) Check it out!


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