Ham Roll-Ups

What's a holiday without ham roll-ups? Not a holiday at all! At least, not in my family. Such a simple, yet tasty little appetizer that pleases everyone, from little kids to Grandma.

Ham Roll-Ups on Thanksgiving, with cheese cubes

Ham Roll-Ups
1 lb. low sodium Polish ham, sliced thick from the deli
1 pkg. light cream cheese, softened
1 bunch green onions

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on each ham slice. Place a green onion lengthwise on top of the cream cheese, and roll the ham up around it. Slice the ends off the onion and then slice the ham tube into bite-sized pieces. Repeat for each piece of ham, until you run out of ham, cream cheese, or onion.

These are seriously addictive. Make extra because people will eat them like crazy!

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