Halibut with Basil Vinagrette

I have been scouting yummy-sounding recipes and yesterday's dinner was the results of some of that work. I had some fresh halibut to use, and I received brussels sprouts in my farm delivery last week. I had NO idea what to do with them, and the only memories I have of brussels sprouts begin with boiled frozen sprouts circa 1994, tears, and dramatic gagging noises; and end with my sister and me spitting and / or hiding them into napkins when the parentals weren't looking. Ah, the stories I could tell...but I digress.

I found a quick but delicious-sounding recipe for red snapper and decided to sub in my halibut filet for it. The recipe recommended a potato dish as a side. If you know me you know that I have a slight issue with potatoes...I LOVE THEM. I had some Yukon Golds from last week's farm delivery, and since I'm always looking for new ways to cook potatoes (seriously, I could live off of potatoes), I gave it a shot.

Last but not least, the brussels sprouts. After much searching, I found a recipe called Brussels Sprouts for People Who Think They Hate Brussels Sprouts. I mean, what else is there to say, exactly?

The fish was great, but the Basil Vinagrette was a bit too lemony. Halibut is a really mild fish and it didn't need all that hoopla. B+

The potatoes were potatoes, so I liked them, but the recipe was kind of boring. Plus, the water took forever to absorb and the potatoes were a little too soft by the end. Tasty, but blandish. C-

Brussels sprouts! Verdict: They are OK. I wouldn't seek them out, but they aren't bad at all. The preparation method was pretty good, but I also happen to love cheese, so pretty much if you coat anything in parmesan reggiano, I'll eat it. They tasted like baby cabbages and if they come up again in my farm delivery, I wouldn't swap them out for anything else. A-

It was a good dinner but it wasn't anything I would rave about. And yes, I totally forgot to take pictures...AGAIN.

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