November 24th Farm Delivery

We have a special Wednesday farm delivery and I signed up so I can have farm-fresh fruits and veggies in my Thanksgiving Day feast! This is my first time making Thanksgiving dinner so it should be interesting, but at least I will have the help of my very culinary-inclined mom! I will definitely make sure to take tons of pictures!
I rearranged a lot of things on the delivery this week so that I don't have to buy as much stuff from the grocery store; but, my shopping list was still approximately 3 feet long!

Yukon Gold Potatoes, Organic - 1.5 pounds
Full Circle Farm, Carnation, Washington.
Broccoli, Organic - 1 each
Full Circle Farm, Carnation, Washington.
Yellow Onions, Organic - 4 each
Farmer's Own Organics, Seattle, Washington.
Green Beans, Organic - 0.75 pound
California Growers, California.
Celery, Organic - 2 bunches
California Growers, California.
Bunched Carrots, Organic - 1 bunch
Cal-Organics, Lamont, California.
Satsuma, Organic - 4 each
California Growers, California.

I kept this in here even though I have no use for it in our Thanksgiving meal because I've never had a Satsuma, or even seen one!
Like the orange, the Satsuma is a good source of fiber, and also boosts the autoimmune system with a healthy dose of vitamin C, helping to protect against heart disease and lower cholesterol. Known as the "Honey Citrus of Whenzou" the satsuma came to the United States through Japan, but is a citrus variety cultivated originally in China.
Garlic, Organic - 2 each
Christopher Ranch, Gilroy, California.
Lemons, Organic - 3 each
California Growers, California.
Gala Apples, Organic - 3 each
Earth Conscious Organics, Brewster, Washington.

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  1. Maybe we can chop of thqt satsuma and put them into the cranberries?? Maybe...after we taste them as I have never had a satsuma either! : )


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